Rally Organisation

Through the last decade On-Event has gained experience in most areas of rallying, going from team management over to PR & Media guidance to consulting rally organizers. We have learned to understand the vital requirements from all involved parties and anticipate most of the issues before they become reality.
On-Event has been involved from the early start in the project "WRC Rally Ireland" as consultant and later as quality assurance. The WRC circus attended Ireland at two occasions and most stakeholders were impressed with the showcase of the superspecial at Stormont, Belfast and the never seen marketing campaign around the rally.

Geko Ypres Rally, one of the key events in the IRC series, gets a lot of input through our agency and has made its reputation through Europe to be one of the most community friendly events. Its compact format and the hosting of the servicepark in the center of the medieval town of Ypres makes the event different in its way.

Since last year On-Event became for three years period also the promotor of the BFO Belgian Rally Championship.